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This download is in reaction to the panic buying of the Covid-19 virus in 2020.

Downloads and Tutorials

Each of these downloads and tutorials have been written by me (Jenny Brandis) as my personal notes and practice pieces. As such they are, at this point in time FREE from this website.

Please check out my etsy store, JennyBrandisLace for the more detailed and professional patterns and tutorials I have for sale.

A list of Jenny Brandis Youtube video tutorials can be found at My video tutorial index

Crochet pincushions


Crochet Stitch

Bobbin Lace Patterns

Bobbin Lace Stitch Instructions by Gabriele Patzner

Bobbin Lace Samplers from Jenny Brandis Youtube Video Tutorials

Bobbin Lace Techniques

Lace2000 & Lace RXP Motifs
These are motif files that are provided in a ZIP format - please unzip the file before installing the motifs

Lace8 files




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