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May 2005

Two month into it and my excuses are fast running out! I have to get better at making LACE!

Spent the last few days using all the bright nail polish I could find to paint the wooden bobbins - then spangled them. The top three bobbins are 'in the rough'. - note the pony beads on the top bobbin - spangled by my 4 yr old granddaughter!

the first pink bobbin has beads from my grandmothers necklace - sentimental spangles have given these bobbins memory value.

click to see full picture of wooden bobbins, painted with nail polish

In between times I battled with rose ground. Battled being the operative word! It took me 2 days of trial and error (with lots of error) before I finally got the hang of it. Thanks to Noelene Lafferty of Australia and Tamara P Duvall of America and a special thanks to the Internet that makes this all possible

.click to see the full version

On now to tackle the famous 'snake bookmark'

click here to see the full size snake
Spiders seemed to be invading the house with daddy long legs making webs in every corner so it only seemed logical to do this piece - spiders can be tamed!
click to see the full picture
Back to practicing corners - not as happy with the sewings on this piece as I was with the first. You can see them at the botton (side by side) to compare for yourself. The pink was the first and the white the second effort.
21st May 2005

On now to the current piece, it is done on Noelene Lafferty's Small Crown Pattern (Cooma Kiss) and this is a photo of the beginning 25cm - note the discolouration in the beginning threads - only visible in the photo! So far I have done between 30 and 50 cms of this.

As I work on this I am thinking that the lace would look nicer if I had made the pricking smaller or the thread heavier. Next time!

you know the drill - click here to see the full version

Chris time to shine - those of you who have been following my progress here and on Gumlace will know that my poor Dear Husband has had to put up with a lot while I am going through this learning period.

As recompense I splashed out with my last pay cheque and purchased him some stuff so that he can make me some lace bobbins. No I am not being selfish - I swear!

The Delta Midi Lathe arrived along with some books on how to use it, the drill press arrived a week later and now, with the house being denuded of wooden broomsticks ...


Never, ever let your husband 'practice' before doing your bobbins :(



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