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June 2006

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Ive been making lace again and this time it is based on the beautiful CD lace designed by the late Jean Barrett

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There are errors, or should I say ammendments :) But I still like the overall effect and hope you do too.

I made some beginner pieces to show when I demonstate at the Weekend Markets here in Kununurra. Thank you to Sue Babbs. NB These two fish have swum off to new homes with children who admired them. May they inspire their new owners!

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I watched a lady crochet a necklace with wire and beads and that reinspired me to have a go at wirelace. This is the very first effort and I must thank Janice Blair for generously puting the PDF file of her pendant pattern online at

here it is

I made the wire lace bobbins so have included the next picture to show them off :)

see my pretty bobbins?

Here are the dimensions I used. The small ring hooks were purchased from a craft shop in Darwin. the ring was pried open with jewellery pliers to make the needed cup hooks.



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