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There are a few projects on the go right now as I am being a bit of a lace butterfly - flitting from one to the other LOL

The bedfordshire lace I started last month is now about 50cm (18 inches) and still does not have a home but there must be something I can use it on.

as of 22 Mrch 2013

The table cloth edging is still in its infancy but will look great on the cloth once I get it made :-)

There seems to be having a theme going on here as the next one is also a long term project - it is just short of 2mt (about 6 feet) long now and I think I will need another metre plus to have enough to put across the double bed sheet and 2 pillowslips


then there is the too hard for me bookmark that looked so easy until I started it LOL

I started to get into the 'alternate equipment' challenge with the Aussie Lacemakers but this is as far as I got. I assembled the gear but did not get around to making a sample piece of lace.


Finished a seahorse bookmark

and a bedfordshire bookmark - not sure about the mangling though! I may have done it wrong as it now looks quite .... flat

Used warm soapy water and rinsed it several times, then placed it in a towel to remove excess water. then rolled it out like pastry on a glass cutting board before letting it dry.



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