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December 2008

December ended up being a fizz hog of a month craft wise. I had surgery on my right eyebrow and eyelid early in the month (I have long term Bells Palsy) and someone "forgot" to remove the clear plastic eye shield that was placed in the eye to protect it from the suture needle.

It took until the 5th day and 3 medical visits (private GP, ER and eye clinic) before it was discovered. In the meantime it had scratched the eye and inflamed it and affected the vision dramatically.

I am writing this mid January and my vision is still out of focus so bad I get eyestrain headaches each afternoon. I have a checkup appointment at the end of the month and pray that they will have an apology and a solution - not necessarily in that order.

On a positive note, they replaced the 27yr old off centre weight in the eyelid with a more curved and aesthetically pleasing one and have raised the eyebrow so it no longer interferes with the vision LOL - well sort of.

Craft wise I can not do much so have reverted back to crochet as I can do that (almost) by feel. You can see what I have done in detail by clicking here or just check out the bags below.



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