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April 2005 lace

 One month into it and my first real efforts - at least it looks like lace rather than a loosly woven bandage!

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a mixture of bobbins - some sent from the Gumlace email group, some purchased
a mixture of bobbins - some sent from the Gumlace email group, some purchased

My first real effort - half stitch ground with left and right footsides are hidden under the pins
My first real effort - half stitch ground with left and right footsides are hidden under the pins

closer look while still pinned
closer look while still pinned

even closer
even closer

Ta-da! The finished piece - Teacher started me off, I did first few rows with tutorage and then it was finished at home.

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the finished piece
Sometimes you realise that you need something else - well, that is what happened here. I thought I needed a pin cushion so I industriously got some of the block pillow fabric, scrounged up a picture I liked (actually come from a stain glass book I bought when I tried making window clings) and even more industriously hand embroidered it. So far so good. Then I sewed it into a cushion and realised that it is a just a tad too big to be a real pin cushion. But - hey - No one ever said what size the pin cushion had to be!

9 April 2005

And now, the second 'real' lace. This is a whole ground with spiders. The spiders have four (4) legs at the top and six (6) legs further down. Took approx 3.5 hours so I sure won't be making miles of it any time soon.

The teacher started me off and I did the first two spiders under her tutorage but then I was on my own

click to see the full size version

10 April 2005
Starting to get the hang of this and did this one straight from the book. I could not wait for the next lesson (2 hrs a week is just not long enough)

made direct from book

14 April 2005
Another lesson under my belt.

This time the teacher started me off and I did the first fan under tutorage. Then when I got home it got the better of me. Finished it 3am the next morning Gee, I wonder if I am addicted?

This time Alice showed me how to do the fan and I figured out the corner (could not wait a whole week!) and even worked out how to add a fresh bobbin in when the other was running out (twice!)

Finishing off was done on the 21st with Alice watching on

footside, fan, half stitch ground, corners, new thread - what a lot to learn


15 April 2005
Again, I could not wait and started a new piece. This time I decided to have a go at a finer thread and printed out the pattern from Jo Edkins site, wound 30 bobbins with 2 metres (7 feet) of thread.

I seemed to be doing something wrong to cause the puckering effect so cut this bit off and began again. This new strip is what I am working on now (22 April) and it is about 25cm (5 inches) long so far

I particularly love the thread as it has a glorious sheen to it. I think I am addicted!


22 April 2005
Lesson number five and I am shown how to join the lace back to the beginning of itself. Using a fine crochet hook I draw thread through the pin loop to form a loop that the pairs thread is drawn through. Then pull both threads tight and tie a knot right over left and then left over right. Weave the threads into the lace and cut the thread close to the lace !be careful here or I could cut my lace!

Finished off at home

Not too happy with my neatness but not too bad for a first effort I guess


25 April 2005
Practicing between classes has seen my tension improve and the strip of heart lace started last week now measured 50 cm (18 inches) before I ran out of thread on two of the bobbins.

It is almost the end of the second month of my learning bobbin lace and I am at last seeing my efforts starting to pay off in work that looks more like I expect lace to look.

Now I am getting the hang of it!


26 April 2005
Reinventing the wheel. I decided that the roll of bobbins that kept sinking to the bottom of my bag was not on, so I thought perhaps I should carry them in another manner. I considered plastic containers - too cumbersome, bulky and too many. Then I had a brain wave (or a Jenny moment) and decided that the zippered 4 ring binder I had bought at the Post Office for $12.95 had found a home. I would make bobbin holder inserts. (see picture)

The 4 rings would add stability, the zip would prevent loose bobbins getting lost, the folder would be easy to carry and ALL my bobbins would be together (not that I have a lot you understand)

Anyway, if you like the look of them, feel free to download the instructions as a PDF file here (size 227kb)

I wonder what next month will be like? Today was the first day I have not had to go to work in over 10 years and now I have no excuse not to catch up with the housework (darn!)



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