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Many years ago the Semco Craft company sold a 114 x 114cm linen tablecloth kit with the willow pattern on it ready for crewel embroidery. It came with the machine made lace, all threads and instructions. Kit #1282

click to see the scan of the kit cover page

Over the years I have added a few more stitches and today I have finally finished the embroidery. Below are pictures of my work. Remember to click on the thumbnail pictures to see the full versions.

full cloth

Now I need to decide how to edge it. The kit came with machine made cotton lace but I am considering crochet or bobbin lace that I make - should it be in one or two shades of blue - or cream or.....

January 2013

It has taken me a while but I have finally started to make the edging. It is a simple Torchon pattern in bobbin lace that is being made with Perle 16 DMC cotton in the two shades of blue from the sewings.

October 2013

The edging is slowly coming along. it is now 2mt in length with an estimated 3 more to go


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