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September 2005

What have I been doing the last few months?
On the lace front - not a lot.

I have made the Christmas Tree lace in three versions.
Version 1 is with green trees on a white CTCT pin CTCT ground,
version 2 I replaced the green thread with white and
version 3 I changed the ground to CT pin CT.

It was interesting doing this as I found that version 3 ground was a better tension as it did not curl the lace.

The pattern is by Pat Milne and was published in a 1999 issue of the Australian Lace Guild magazine.

I used DMC 30 thread.

I have been learning the lace dsign software, Lace 2000 and have now got a small collection of lace patterns on there. I just need to work out how to index it so that I can find the ones I want, when I want.

Doll making has recently interested me so I have made a few things that way.

I have made a few crochet butterfly pins and I am in the process of finishing off a Semco Willow Pattern Tablecloth (Kit #1282) I started years ago. When it is finished I am going to make my own lace edging rather than use the lace provided.



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