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November 2008

As you know I live in semi-tropical Kununurra, in the top end of Western Australia and the Wet is almost here!!! Work is slowing down and I am actually on a 3 day weekend! The first one in so long I have forgotten the last time.

Last week I got to drive some photographers around showing them some of the fantastic parts of the Kimberley and raving about the difference they would see AFTER the wet.

Lace wise - I have been dong small things for the Card Exchanges I have volunteered to participaate in and enjoyed it all very much. I even started a narrow length that uses just 5 pairs of bobbins. AND it is in black with a silver holographic weaver in the fan. Nice for a change.

click to see larger version

Today I wrote a quick tutorial on how I add beads to my torchon lace as I realised that I seem to be the only one doing it with these tools.

I hope you can understand it.




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