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Thigh spinning

 This is one of the earliest ways of obtaining a yarn for knitting and crochet.

I also believe it would lend itself to the many forms of weaving. The only things that are needed are

  • fleece wool
  • a comb
  • YOU

  1. Put on a tight apron that is non slip and comb the wool to add fluffiness while removing the seeds etc.
  2. From the side of the combed staple pull a sliver of desired width (eg 1cm), pulling another when the first is near the end of the staple and continue this way until the yarn is the desired length (eg 20 cm).
  3. While holding one end roll this length upon the tight apron with the flat palm of the hand to give a slight twist and therefor strength.
  4. Roll up the yarn as you go into a ball or use as you make the yarn.
  5. Wash after garment is made.
This is a very primitive form of spinning but its lightness is a real advantage.


Wash and/or dye the wool first then thigh spin it.



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