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PDF copies of patterns/prickings
1/10 diagonal (other sizes available on request)

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Please feel free to use and give away these patterns, just leave the copyright symbol so that others know who the designer is. If you sell the lace you make from these patterns - fantastic!

If you are using Lace2000 or Lace RXP please check out this page.

Kathryn - named after my younger sister
Leaf spider test (see here for more information)

Broken trails and spiders insertion - used on a hand towel and entered into the 2006 Kununurra Agricultural Show

Lace 2000 version

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Rectangular piece to practice the joinings - Entered into the 2006 Kununurra Agricultural Show

Lace 2000 version

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Ruth Bookmark, continuing from the leaf spider test above, here is the bookmark that uses that element. Named after my mother, Valma May Ruth Ford (nee Knight) dec.

To see a different colour rendition, check out January 2010

Yvonne Medallion - named after my older sister Yvonne Cherryl Gill (nee Ford) dec.

126 pairs

Here I have been playing with different 5x5 grid elements in both cloth stitch and half stitch. Some of which did not work eg: element 3 and 9

25 pairs used

Continuing the 5x5 grid theme I have concentrated on spiders mostly in ths sampler but what do you think?
5x5 grid theme continues with tally and other harder elements. It will be interesting to see how this makes up and just how badly I do the tallies :-)


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