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I have done a little lace and a lot of procrastination LOL

made a bookmark with tallies, still not happy with tallies but know it is me rather than the tally itself. I need to go back to basics and READ the instructions.

I am currently working on a short piece to put across a hand towel. all in white so rather boring for me but as it only needs to be under 30cm I dont mind so much. Using a gimp to work the fans before wandering off to outline the heart shaped half stitch. Not too bad!

Sewing lace stuff

The sewing machine has had a bit of a workout this month, first with a new travel pillow then a new bobbin bag.

Bobbin Holders

I have been tossing around the idea of a new container for my unused bobbins.

My first few were bobbin rolls.

Then there was the bobbin holder that zipped shut. It held over 70 pairs but opening it to get to a single pair was a juggling act.

I liked the zip file but the bobbins didn't as they needed to be placed in alternate directions, thus no matter what way I picked up the file, once I opened it the bobbins were loose. If you want to have a go, the pattern is here.

This is the latest attempt.

Took about a metre each of two fabrics.

The zipped bag is lined with contrasting lilac fabric, the bobbin sleeves are made with both fabrics to make the sewing less boring.

I am not great at sewing but enjoyed designing this up from scratch.

I started with the zip I had. That gave me the length from 2/3 the way up the sides, over the top and down 2/3 the other side and it grew from there.

Once the bag was made, it was a case of making the sleeves double sided and the right size to fit into the bag. In this case the sleeves ended up being 18cm high by almost 30cm wide.

My first two sleeves had the top row of bobbins too high so they are there for looks :-) The last 3 worked much better, I lowered the top row down and made the slots ).5cm wider.

I am much more happy with those.

Each double sided sleeve has a hard plastic inserted between and sewn in for ridgidity.

The only problem is that I have more bobbins! So its back to the sewing maching for me.


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