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June 2005

I have to get better at making LACE!

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Noelene Lafferty's Small Crown Pattern (Cooma Kiss) at 75% grid. Compare it to the original one I did last month


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I decided to redo the red heart pattern - this time in a varigated DMC cotton and with the correct size grid - Does that make a difference!

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8th June 2005

This zigzag pattern is the latest pattern I am attempting (thank you Jo Edkin) - I have just threaded it all up and raring to go. I have used a little bit of lavender for the

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Picture 11 June 2005


17th June 2005

What am I up to now?
decided to be a bit mean and only did 20 top sheets - left the bottom ones to someone who enjoys adding elastic corners :) Still going strong on the zigzag pattern.

15th June 2005

The sewing machine has been getting a workout - two fabric travel pillows (two different patterns) for me and 20 calico bags for the local DayCare. The bags are used by the kids to carried home their nap time sheets for laundrying. Next I have 20 pairs of sheets to make. :)

In the meantime I am working on the zigzag pattern. Have done 30cm (12 inches) to date and still liking the pattern

21st June 2005

After seeing Alice's bookmark with a gimp around it, I decided to have a go. Not too successful as I don't really know what I am doing. I tried to start and got stuck there! wow, that has to be a record for me. Where should I start? the top? the top left/right corner? Should I use the gimp as the middle pair in the footsides? I think so. Should I have started from a point? use the gimp as a pair or single thread?

The picture is the pattern I dreamed up (inpired by a border by Jennifer Fisher) but .... I fear it was in the dreaming up stage that I did something wrong.

Being me, I decided to just have a go and being me, flunked out :)

I could not work out starting so changed the pattern to start at a point (that should have warned me that I may not be any good at design :) ). The gimp - well to describe this I used pink Perle 8 for the ground and red tinsle thread for the gimp. On the outside there is a pair of pink, the gimp, a pair of pink. To weave the gimp through I seperated the inside pair, layed the gimp in, closed the pair - so I had a sandwich of pink, gimp, pink. Layed the gimp aside and CTCTp the 2 pink pairs. Wove the gimp through the inside pair, CTCT to secure.

I used half stitch ground (gee I even know the name of it)

The next problem came at the cloth stitch (petals?) where I could not get it right so after retro lace several times, I gave up in disgust. I will ask Alice on Thursday.

Back to the zigzag.

22nd June 2005

I made my first bobbin on the lathe. Well, perhaps I should clarify that statement just a tad.
What you see when you click on the pictures to the right are the full size images of what I have been doing the last half hour.

Only 99 to go.

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30 June 2005
I have been working on this piece of lace for a week now and due to the colouration (black with a silver streak) it has been named "the black widow".

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