Jenny Brandis' Handcrafts

Doll making has interested me so I have made a few things that way.

I started with a machine sewing pattern by Lynne Butcher (Doll Stuff "n" Nonsense") and made both the warrior and story teller from her Dreamtime set.

I followed on with a handsewn felt pin cushion mouse designed by Valerie Janitch from the May 1984 Crafts Magazine.
I still need to add ears to her, but here she is.

Fimo also played a part in my craft adventures.
Beginning with a frog cane I made following Candice Matthewson's instructions which I used to make this large frog.

This was followed by the cute little dragon that I did following Joshua's directions.

Dinko showed me how to make this cute little guy.

Getting much braver, I decided to have a go at making heads - the idea was to make a human female head for an idea I have brewing.
The result was anything but that. However, as it developed, it grew into something I can work with.

A side view

and a view of the hands

At this stage I did not have any pose in mind for the finished doll as this doll was developing all by itself so to speak.
I fiddled around with Poser and this is what I have come up with.

Next will come an even bigger challenge as I try to work out how to make the body, and what sort of costume, hair etc.



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