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   Arachne Card Exchange master index for 2006 - 2014
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Special thanks go to Faye Owers for volunteering to organise this years Card Exchange. Well done Faye!

Thanks must also go to the wonderful ladies who have donated their patterns this year:

    Silvia Gardiol, from Italy
    Ilske Thomsen
    Daphne Martin
    Laura Sandison
    Sue Turnbull
    Jenny Brandis


2009 exchange was co-ordinated by Clay Blackwell with a total of 46 cards changing hands across the globe.

Pene Piip co-ordinated the exchange in 2008 where a total of 56 cards were produced.

Alice in Oregon, USA co-ordinated the exchange in 2007 where a total of 38 cards were produced.

Alice in Oregon, USA also co-ordianted the 44 cards in 2006

Bev Walker organised the exchange of 80 cards in 2005 and

Brenda Paternoster organised the exchange in 2004 with a total 40 cards

Barbara Joyce from Snoqualmie, WA, USA has displayed the 2004 and 2005 cards as has Lacefairy displayed the bookmarks




Very first card to arrive for 2010
Made by Trish Fisher
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Second card for 2010
Made by Ann Blunden of Australia
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THIRD CARDThird card for 2010
Designed and made
by Janice Blair
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