2006 Arachne Christmas Card Exchange

The following potted history was provided by Alice in Oregon, USA.

Arachne was started on April 12, 1995 by Liz Reynolds.
(Thanks, Liz, for all these years of supporting Arachne and furnishing the master computer at http://www.arachne.com/)

Exchanges have occured at irregular intervals, whenever someone decided it would be nice to have one and they were willing to coordinate it. An exchange could be bookmarks, bobbins, Christmas ornaments, or cards, or even one time -- handkerchiefs with lace. Some years there were birthday bobbin exchanges -- with people who shared a birthday month pairing off.

I think Lori's (lacefairy) webpage of the bookmarks was the first picture collection of an exchange.

The 2004 Arachne Christmas Card Exchange organized by Brenda Paternoster have photos at http://homepage.mac.com/bejoyce/arachne/ and
http://homepage.mac.com/bejoyce/arachne2005/[NB] These two exchanges are no longer visible online.

I am sure I speak for all Arachne when I say that I would like to express our appreciation and thanks for the past efforts of Barbara Joyce from Snoqualmie, WA, USA who displays the 2004 and 2005 cards. Thank you Barbara, I will try to carry the baton well.

There are three ladies I would especially like to thank, they are Ilske Thomsen, Hamburg, DE, Janice Blair and Daphne Martin. All of these ladies generously have agreed to share their original patterns with you. Click here to download the compiled PDF and don't forget to thank these ladies when you make their designs.

And now, without further ado ...... click here to see the 2006 Arachne Christmas Card Exchange

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