2006 Arachne Christmas Card Exchange

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During late 2006 the Arachne members participated in a Christmas Card Exchange - here are the pictures of some of those cards. They are here in the order in which they arrived in my inbox ....

From: Clay Blackwell, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
To: Alice Howell

My design is modified from a Heart-shaped design by Christine Springett.  She taught a class in February 2006 in which she showed us how to use color and make those wonderful "fat" leaves.  I modified her design to create a Christmas Stocking.  She has seen the results and likes it very much.  The thread is DMC embroidery floss for the outside trail and the plaits, and the leaves are made with Needle Necessities Overdyed floss.  Anyone who would like to try Christine's inventions using the overdyed floss should be on the lookout for a new book from her soon, in which she explores some of the possibilities of what our workshop group dubbed, "Lurid Lace", after she made a comment that lace in color can become "quite lurid!"

From:Brenda Paternoster, Allhallows, Kent, ENG
To:Lorri Ferguson in Washington State, USA

It's my own design. Random torchon on 2mm grid using a variety of pink and grey DMC Special Dentelles.

From:Jenny Brandis, Kununurra, Western Australia
To:Kathy Hensel, USA

Pattern from La Encajera #9 I used Gutermann Quilting Cotton.

From:Ann Humphreys, Yourshire, ENG
To:Laura Sandison in the USA

The bell is a Veronica Sorenson pattern

From:Maxine Diffey, NZL
To:Penny Myers in the USA

I crocheted the star in Fil a Dentalles 80 with a fine gold embroidery thread – it was my own design, done as I made it (while visiting my DH in hospital!)! The crystals were added afterwards with nylon filament, I then firmed up the edges by threading a fine gold wire through the fabric. Unfortunately the scan is slightly distorted due to the bulk of the crystals, and the gold thread does not show up as well as in ‘real life’. It really comes to life in electric light, hanging free to move in the light

From:Helene Ulrich, Surfside Beach, South Carolina, USA
To:Annelore Stone

The outer cover of the card

The lace

I resized a pricking from a kit I bought from Springetts years ago, but used the same size threads listed on the pricking



From:Penny Myers, Wolcottville, IN, USA
To:Merlene Solis, Arvada Co, USA

Pattern from Christmas Collection by Christine Springett - Page 8 Moon Tree Ornament Threads used - 6 mm Swarouski Beads  1 pr. DMC Fil Multicolore Thread Color #275  1 pr. DMC Perle #8 Color #747 2 pr. DMC Gil or Gold Thread Color #284 3 pr. Brok 36 White

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