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Lace Bobbins from Paper

 Like most things in craft, the mother of invention is necessity. I 'needed' bobbins to start learning bobbin lace making and surfing the net found a site that gave instruction on making them from wallpaper, lollypop sticks and beads. A second site uses wrapping paper.

Well, we don't have round lollypop sticks in Kununurra unless they are attached to a lollypop and to get 3 dozen - no way.

Wallpaper proves to be just as ellusive but thankfully glass pony (jug) beads are available.

Some quick thoughts came up with the bamboo meat skewers from the grocery store, gift wrapping paper solved the other missing ingredient and off I went.

First I made two practice rolls with metalic paper - not successful as it did not stick too well, it did not like to roll and sure did not like to stay rolled. Still it gave me the idea.

I then cut the bamboo skewers into 4.5 inch lengths (2 per skewer) and rolled another practice one with wrapping paper. Much better. I am now using two types of glue - the instant stuff to stick the end bead on as well as attaching the paper to the skewer.

The second glue is called 'Tarzans Grip' and is a multi purpose fast drying glue. This I use between the paper as I roll it up. I finish the roll up with a line of instant glue, dampen my finger tips to prevent the glue bonding me to it all.

Next I experimented with spangles. Fishing line from the husbands fishing rod (hope he does not go fishing too soon), an assortment of red glass and wood beads strung with gold beads between gives me ....

So far, so good.

Add a bead to the end of the paper roll. Two beads to the top of the bobbin ....

So what do you think?

Paper rolled bobbin lying on wrapping paper used to make it.



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