Dedicated to the memory of Elsa van Baaren (1937-2016)

The webmistress, Jenny Brandis, recently inherited Elsa van Baaren's (an Australian lacemaker) collection of lace cards that had been sent to Elsa over the years. Jenny spent a joyful afternoon (or two) going through those folders, remembering her mentor while admiring the lace and cards given to Elsa by other lacemakers. It was a time that left Jenny inspired to continue this wonderful ladies example.


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6 Types of lace - lace knitting, bobbin lace (Bucks Point, Torchon, Binche), tatting, Romanian Point Lace, filet crochet and beading
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NEW in 2017

2017 is turning into a wonderful year, with lace makers embracing the understanding, that without their supporting the designers by buying their patterns, there would be few new designs in print. It is heartening to see so many on this site providing the details of where the pattern they used to make their lace came from (designers name, book or website details). I have used that information to begin the Designers index

Thank you to all who have sent in scans of their bookmarks so we can all enjoy them. A special thank you for the designers who have agreed to provide their bookmark designs for free through this site. Arachne is the best!

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