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December 2005

With Christmas not far off I have made two Christmas cards with lace on them. One went to a Christmas Card exchange with other Aussie lace makers, the other - well - suffice to say that it was a good learning experience and has been relegated to the "example of what not to do file" :)

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I am currently working on a length of lace - I call it staggered fish because to me it looks like a row of fish swimming between waves :) From the book Pattern Design in Torchon Lace by Jane Atkinson.

It is quite time consuming (compared to previous efforts) so I think I will be doing a wee bit more before cutting it off.

BTW It uses over 40 pairs of bobbins and DH did some quick maths and worked out that there would be over 8,000 pins in a metre - now that may be why I am scared off making a metre of it :) :)

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I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas season and an especially wonderful year for 2006 - may your life be wonderful and full of lace adventures. To start you off I have a small gift for you so please click on the picture below

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