Arachne Card Exchange master index for 2006 - 2014


Thank You

Special thanks go to Amber for volunteering to organise this years Card Exchange. It is always difficult to co-ordinate such a diverse exchange. It is expected that we will have 64 cards changing hands this year!!! - we have 37 of them here for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks must also go to the wonderful ladies who have donated their patterns this year:

Janice Blair
Brenda Paternoster
Jenny Brandis
Daphne Martin
Silvia Gardiol
Holly Lucusky
JD Hammett


Faye Owers volunteered to organise the 2010 Arachne Card Exchange and that was a hugh success with 60 cards changing hands.

2009 exchange was co-ordinated by Clay Blackwell with a total of 46 cards changing hands across the globe.

Pene Piip co-ordinated the exchange in 2008 where a total of 56 cards were produced.

Alice in Oregon, USA co-ordinated the exchange in 2007 where a total of 38 cards were produced.

Alice in Oregon, USA also co-ordinated the 44 cards in 2006 with 3 patterns being offered.

Bev Walker organised the exchange of 80 cards in 2005 and

Brenda Paternoster organised the exchange in 2004 with a total 40 cards

Barbara Joyce from Snoqualmie, WA, USA has displayed the 2004 and 2005 cards as has Lacefairy displayed the bookmarks




Made by Marion Goard
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Second card for 2010
Made by Marion Goard
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Third card for 2010
Made by Sandy Randolf
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