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2013 so far

What have I done this year so far? Well lets see, I have started a new length of lace - it is to go around the cross stitch willow pattern tablecloth I finished at last.

I have been teaching my craft kids whatever comes to hand so we have done candle decorating, off the page scrapbooking, friendship bracelets and wire names.

Two of my girls have gone to Perth for boarding school and they are missed for their input and bubbly personalities. I wish we could TARDIS them home every Saturday arvo :-(

The Kununurra Lace Group ladies are all stretching their wings and trying new things. It is wonderful to see that lightbulb moment when they 'get it'

oh yes, what about a freeby?

I have been teaching myself how to write/convert ebooks.

So far

Lace wise, I have only done one but here it is. It is a short photo step by step of how to spangle east midland bobbins using tiger wire and crimps - feel free to download it but PLEASE tell me how it works for you.

.Can you identify which book?

A scan of pages 32 and 33 were found online and I wanted to identify the original book it came from as I wanted to make that pattern. I asked Arachne to help me and it took just 12 hours to identify the book.

It has been found!!! Thank you to Cindy Rusak from Arachne for finding the authors site It is for sale on Barbara Fay site for 39 Euro

I have taken the repeat and made a length pricking which I started yesterday. I have only done one repeat so far with LOTS of mistakes but I am learning. This is the first time I have made a leaf under/over a lozenge of cloth stitch and wonder how you can wait to see if it works

click to see the latest photo of this work - mistakes galore

Well it is day 5 and I am making one repeat a day LOL Any ideas on what to do with it? it is 5cm (2 inches) wide and a deep burgandy linen.


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