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July 2005

I have been playing at the lathe, making bobbins. It is not as hard as I thought to do a basic bobbin but I think that the fancy ones are well beyond my ken at this point in time. The double pointed tops are a Neil Keats design - the rest is just my playing.

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cute and easy to do - may end up doing a heap of these and gluing to Christmas cards

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I made a major error in this - but I still like it and will do it again - fixing the error this time

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guess what it is - it has been suggested that sideways it looks like a squashed butterfly on a windscreen and a sitting down camel or even upright - a I dream of Jeanie glass bottle - what do you think?

you know the drill

A gift of this small kit by Christine Springett got me going and this is the result

This was commenced in June and is slowly getting longer - it is now about 2 foot long (60 cm) and on my travel pillow



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