Jenny Brandis' Handcrafts

Wood turning

by Jenny Brandis

From left to right; unknown; unknown; unknown; Pipuia Amarillo; Brazilwood; Tuckeroo; Kingwood; Purpleheart; Mexican Pine; Tiger Myrtle; Kingwood; Beefwood; Holly; African Ovive; Indian Ebony and Honuros Rosewood.

The next lot were made in May 2006 using the Delta Midi Lathe. the lace roller is done in Indonesian wood called Merbau. It has a lovely yellow fleck in it. see here and here for enlarged versions.

The two weed pots were my attempts to get better at turning small things, the top one is a stick of African Mahogany and the base one is from a Mango tree. see enlarged version here

On MY Jet Mini Lathe I have just begun making bobbins for wire lace . That is lace that is made using fine guage wire instead of thread. Check it out when you enlarge the photo to see the bobbins. The green thing is a necklace pendant using 28 guage wire from a craft shop!

and here is the dimensions I used to make these bobbins.




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