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January 2009

December 2008 was not the best craft month I have had but this is January and a NEW YEAR so in the light of positive thinking - I have been using the crochet hook.

Lets see, I have made 3 bags in December, 5 in January and am nearly finished a Spongebob character for DGS#2

The first 3 bags in January are gone before I could take photos of them but the other 2 are here.

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The pattern is getting very familar - using 8 ply yarn and 4mm crochet hook ch 25
make pattern for about 20 rows
make handle

The patterns are from memory so if the rib is surposed to be every 3 stitches and I have done it every 2 - what the heck, it still looks good.

The arrow pattern I think may have another name and there are a few variations on it.

Spongebob has proved to be easier than I expected but as like all my crochet the last 6 weeks, it has been designed on the fly. See what you think .....

I am using a smaller 3.5mm hook to minimise the holes and the trusty 8 ply yarn. Note I am saying yarn rather than wool as the thread is nylon yarn.

Because of the bag above, I have run out of yellow yarn and being in Kununurra there is no local yarn shops to trot down to - so I am waiting for Australia Post to take a scrap of the yarn to my DD in Perth (3000km away) so she can go shopping and post some back. Should take about 2 weeks if all goes well.

In the meantime I will find something else to keep my fingers busy.




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