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Spinning hints from a Spin-in


The following hints were gleamed from experienced spinners at the Cunderdin and Districts Spinners Spin-in held on 28th March 1987, at the Town Hall of Quairading, Western Australia. I am sure that they hold true today.

Washing or scouring
by Rose Haythornthwaite, Quairading, WA
Is it possible to define a washed fleece? To me a washed fleece is a fleece that has had the dirt and offensive matter removed, but not the oil. Washing a fleece means putting it in to warm water to remove the dirt which has accumulated and letting it soak for a while, before removing it and drying it out.
On the other hand, a scoured fleece is one which has had the life taken out of it by hot and cold water, solvents etc.

Use for rubbishy wool
by Marcelle Welthagen, Kalamunda, WA
If you have any rubbishy wool, line wire plant baskets - dags and all.

Hand washing with 'Sard' soap
by Jean Thomason, Kalamunda, WA
'Sard" soap is excellent to remove stains from fleece tips, especially Border Leicester.
Take a small handful of staples and rub with cake of 'Sard' soap. Then lay in basket, in rows, to be washed in your favourite method. Of special use for rug work or weaving in staples.

Quick darn
by Judy Calderwood, Beacon, WA
When darning socks I use homespun wool and darn in a combed staple of wool. After the first wear the wool has felted in.

Combing wool in cold weather
by Lina Oliver, Meckering, WA
When combing wool during cold weather, sit in a warm spot (sun or near stove) and you will find the wool much easier to handle.

Merino wool spinning
by Dot Elliott, Meckering, WA
To the spinners of Merino wool, my hint it to make sure you wash the fleece perfectly before spinning it. Either in onion bags or washing staples singularly by hand.
Much, much easier to spin this way.

Drum carding
by Jean Thomason, Kalamunda, WA
A more satisfactory result is achieved when drum carding dry, tippy wool is to cut off the tips first. In that way the tips are not broken off by the carder. Especially so for spinning.

To restore shrunken woolens
unknown source
Dissolve 85grams of Epson Salts in boiling water and let cool.
Soak garment for one half hour. Squeeze excess water and stretch into correct shape on a flat surface.
When almost dry press under dry cloth.

Gauging thickness and size of needlesGauging thickness of yarn and size of knitting needles



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