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A lot of my recent time has been taken up with teaching 4 pre teens how to make bobbin lace and I will be writing about that soon. It has been a wonderful journey that has been my mental salvation as the girls have been able to remind me of life and why it is so special in the midst of my sorrow.

I lost my mother on 22 Nov 2009 and just last week my much loved sister lost her short but cruel fight with cancer.

Craft wise, the last 2 months have been interesting :-)

I had not done much of my own lace making (just a couple of bookmarks) as I had been concentrating on teaching but last week the girls decided that I needed a huge dose of 'distraction therapy'.

Although I had 2 travel pillows with lace on them the girls and I decided to fill my 4 empty pillows with colour. And boy, do they mean colour!

We spent a wonderful afternoon going through patterns, threads and discussing how colour needed to flow from one element to the next - not go off at a tangent to the footsides!

Anyway, this is my first one finished. It is the pattern I named after my Mother so it is especially fitting to have made it now.

Originally this pattern was designed back in 2006 and it is available for free PDF download here.


As you can see, I am still learning leaves and their crossings but even so I am impressed with the way the colours came together.

When the girls decided on burgandy leaves, emerald green plaits, red edge with black everywhere else, I had no idea it would work. But it did!


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