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February 2006

I have not done much lace this month, but have revisited Roseground to refresh my memory. These pieces show just how important the correct thread to grid ratio is. The two larger pieces were done on a 5mm diagonal grid, while the smaller pieces were done on a 2mm grid.

Threads were Perle 8 and Tatting thread

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scan of the lace

Some time ago I came across a webpage where there was a loverly meandering path of torchon lace that I could not resist. It has taken me a while to work out how to make a pricking, but now I have done it using the program Lace 2000 (latest version called Lace 8) by Ilsoft Ltd.

Lace 2000 has even made it possible for me to visualise how to vary the concept and soon I will be making an original piece of lace! Something I thought would be years away.

My next effort will be a smaller 4 sided piece so that I can practice the joining of lace - I messed this one up big time :(

I made this in 1/10 inch grid with Gutermann Quilting Cotton. 17 pairs of bobbins with 2 metres of thread on each bobbin with a single pair for the outside fan workers being 4 metres of thread on each bobbin. (you can see in the closeup where I had to add extra thread on one of the outer workers)

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Meandering Path

Closeup of corner

Lace 8
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