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October 2005

Christmas is coming so I have been making things in the traditional colours of red, green, silver and gold (which makes me wonder *why* they are the traditional colours)

I have made two renditions of the Torchon bobbin lace spider bookmark from Rosemary Shepherds book "An Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking". I love this pattern as it is simple enough for me to do but looks complex enough to please anyone.

The first one I did is in a Indian shiney red cotton that was bought at the street markets in Darwin (thank you Kathy) which has 29 wraps per cm and the black is a small ball of tatting thread by Venus.

The second is even more in the Christmas theme with Maderia Jewel in green and silver and Maderia Metallic in red. I extended the length as this is for my Mother (don't tell her!)

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Beading is something I can do, but don't do often.
My daughter does bellydancing and so I decided to make her an Egyptian collar. It sort of grew from there to include a belt, bracelet and earrings. Patterns are hard to come by, and although I do have the Isis Collar pattern by Varvara I decided to design my own, based on the beads available in town. What do you think?

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I started teaching computer skills this month so the lace has had to take a back burner but I am still doing it.



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