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First effort at Torchon Lace

2nd April 2005
Last night is to be marked on the calendar as an big event! It was the first night of my learning to do lace making. My special thanks to Alice for having the patience to not hit me when I said "I'm getting cocky - this is easy" when I tried cloth stitch

Mind you, she got even by moving me on to half stitch and was really good because she did not make any smart remarks about "easy is it?" That night - since then she has not let me forget my indiscretion.

I learnt lots - like how to undo back (retro lace making or Penelope stitch) until it is where it works and how to push the pin in at a slight angle, and how to tamp down the lace as it moves up the pins (that really is a tension thing too), and how not to pull the threads as I take the pins out.

But best of all, I learnt that I love making lace and that I can't wait to get back to it! My one question is - why does the lace curl when I took it off the pins?

Below is my very first ever attempt at making lace - a very big thank you to Alice for supplying the pre wound bobbins and the prickings for both Narelle and I to start off with.

and close up...




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