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February 2009

Lace Express Index
Crochet travel pillow

Found the perfect shade of yellow to finish Spongebob off so am happy that DGS #2 was 'sort of' pleased with him. You see, I did not know that Spongebob only wears BROWN pants - I had put him in black ones - oops. Then to top if off I had not put his face spots on - well, it gives DGS#2 a good reason to find out how to use a darning needle :-)

Lacewise - well the vision is going to take a little while longer to settle down and then it is new glasses time so in the meantime I have been doing other stuff. Such as exploring the net and the external hard drive I have been saving all the net info to.

That exploring was good as I found a spreadsheet I had done back in 2005/2006. It is a basic index to the first 36 issues of the Lace Express magazine (from Issue 1 of 1997 through to Issue 4 of 2005).

I was very lucky in 2005 and early 2006 as I had been lent copies of this magazine from a very kind and generous lady.

Jackie Bowhey (dec) was very supportive of my learning lace making and as part of her encouragement I was, over several months, allowed to borrow her magazines. In payment I had made up the index.

When I find time I will try to finish the index off with the issues since. In the meantime I decided to put the index here for you to use.


One of the things I am in the process of doing, is making 6 travel pillow kits that I can sell at the local markets where I demonstrate each Saturday morning from 8-12. during April - September

It will be an experiment the first year but if I manage to sell all 6 then I will make more for the following year.

It is working out to be costly to set the kits up, so the labour component of the price will be negligible but I don't want to compromise on the quality.

The kits will include:

  1. handmade travel pillow
  2. 20 pairs bobbins
  3. Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking by Rosemary Shepherd
  4. pins, pincushion, scissors and tape measure
  5. first pricking ready to go
  6. thread for first pricking

It should be everything a beginner needs to start. By including Rosemary's book the beginner can go at their own pace, unsupervised.

Travel pillows because I expect the buyers will be traveling in a caravan and space is at a premium in them.

NB: It was a good idea but did not take off as I had hoped. Sold just 3 of the 6 kits.

Crochet Travel Pillow

I was siting in the lounge, fiddling with some yarn and crochet hook and thought - what if ? the rest is history. What do you think of the Crochet Travel Pillow? I think I should have painted the white card before I started but hindsight is a wonderful thing!

click to see back . click to see front

The picture on the left will open a photo of the back of the travel pillow and the picture on the right will open a photo of the front.

So, now you have seen it, what do you think?


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