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November 2006 lace

What have I been doing, lace wise? Hmm, I guess it has been a month of working towards Christmas.

This is the second bow that I have made from this pattern. The pattern itself came from the magazine La Encajera issue #9 and is fast to make up (5 hrs) I used a varigated thread to make this one and plain pink for the first one.

I then decided to have a go at making initals - see my tutorial on how to make your own Initial pricking using the computer.


The first effort surprised me as to how good it turned out - not bad. so I then went on to have a go at the letter R.

I did a workshop on Bedfordshire Lace with Jenny Rees in Darwin, NT in early August this year and I did see some her other students learning Initials and others making fans while even more were making butterflies. This stuck in my mind and when I got home I simply had to have a go. The initials above came about because of this inspiration as do the fans below.

Fan 1 was done using a lilac Presencia Finca #30, Gutermann metalic gold. The stitches are half stitch fan, spider, cloth stitch and torchon ground with footside.

Fan 2 was using Gutermann Quilting thread in white, Gutermann gold and the stitches are half stitch fan, spider, cloth stitch zigzag and torchon ground with footside. It is a smaller pricking than fan 1.

Jenny Rees was a fantastic teacher who managed to handle a class of 15 with varying skill levels. There was a 11 yr old learning torchon, myself learning beginners Bedfordshire and others doing lace I don't know the names of yet.

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