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November 2005

I am starting to think you must all be bored with my little "Show 'n' Tell" by now but just in case you are still reading .....

With Christmas not far off I have made two Christmas cards with lace on them. One is going to a Christmas Card exchange with other Aussie lace makers, the other - well - suffice to say that it was a good learning experience :) picture will come once the card has been sent

I have fallen in love with what I call Picture Lace and I am in the process of teaching myself some of the stitches and techniques. It is pretty hit and miss at this stage but I am enjoying the challenge. My very first piece was a dolphine in light blue Venus tatting thread.

This has a few firsts in it -

  • my very first tally
  • my very first braid (4 thread plait)
  • my first picture lace
  • sewing using a magic loop for the first time

I was told about the website La Dentelle aux fuseaux. I went there and explored via the link Trucs et astuces and found the following patterns to learn.

It was rather fun trying to work it out from a picture as I can not read French



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