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Designing my own Knitting Chart

Having taught myself knitting before charts were invented, I have never knitted using a chart, but my most recent WIP is a lacy Pashmira Wrap that as I was working it I considered the text I was using versus a chart.

Chart knitting patterns have been around for a while.

That has led me to exploring making a chart using what I already had or could easily obtain.

I have Microsoft Excel and Word as well as Stitch R-XP on my computer so I started by looking for a True Type Font to give me the knitting symbols I could use.

I found a free knitting symbol TTF HERE so downloaded and installed it. I also printed out the Knitting Symbols document to use as a reference.

Next I tried designing a 12 row, 18 stitch pattern in Microsoft Excel and although it can be done, it is a pain having to work out what keys give what symbol or using the Insert/symbol for every stitch. Copy and Paste sort of helped but it was hard to count to the right square to paste the symbol in.

The same applies to using a table within Microsoft Word

Next I tried Stitch R-XP which I use for Cross Stitch work, and was surprised to find that it works for me as a knitting chart designer - here is the screen capture of the chart I did in under 10 minutes.

How I Got to This Stage

  1. Download and install the free knitting symbol TTF
  2. Open Stitch R-XP, set size to 50 x 50
  3. Choose the Symbol Font
  4. Turn on the symbols (rather than the coloured blocks)
  5. Make the chart
  6. I turned all the lines to light and turned off the centre line

I used screen capture to get the pic above but the pic below is the same chart, exported as a JPG from within Stitch R-XP

What now?

Now that I have got this far, I am off to test my ability to follow the chart

Two days later

I have been using the chart and find it easier than following the words so will continue with it until the Pashmina is finished.


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