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21st May 2005

My poor long suffering husband has come to the rescue again, and using man things from the shed he has made the pictured roller box.

Based on a MDF box I bought at the now defunct craft shop he used

  • 2 circles of wood for the roller ends
  • a 19cm bit of broom handle for the centre of the roller

  • (yes, I still have to sweep the floor as I have a broom with a metal handle)
  • some MDF board cut to make the two side panels that are screwed onto the box.

Once he got the wood bits all cut, glued and screwed together he then handed it over to me to finish it off so I

Padded out the roller with

  • a 19cm length of swimming noodle that went over the broom handle
  • a 19x120cm strip of felt is wrapped around that and pinned down
  • 21cm wide strip of red fabric to cover the lot (stapled to the circles and pinned to the felt)
  • 75cm white braidis stapled down to cover the join of red fabric to wood ring
  • painted it (got a bit artistic here thanks to a stainglass book or two)
  • added a felt and fabric covered carboard tray for the bobbins to rest on (see top photo)

Several months later

Having used this pillow for a while I find I love being able to hang the unused side bobbins over the top of the uprights, I learnt how to use the bobbins 'in the air' rather than 'on the pillow' so I can now do either, depending which is most appropriate.

I have revisited this design and the following are what I consider to be improvements.

  1. Added several extra holes in the uprights to allow me to lower the roller - it was too high off the base to use effectively and affected the tension
  2. Added two pieces of fabric tape to the inside back of the box - pinned to the roller means the roller no longer free turns as I do the 'torchon tug' :)
  3. Found a calico bag to carry it in. Simple bag with handles, no lid. When I have time and inclination will make a better bag

Picture of the roller box, front on and ready to start lacemaking

Picture of the roller box - closed and ready to travel



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