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I have once again been bitten with the lace bug and have immersed myself in the craft. There are a few small bits done for the Arachne Card Exchange - and

Bucks and Point Ground

This week has seen me buckle down in front of the DVD player with Perle 16 thread and 4.5mm prickings to teach myself the very basics of Bucks lace while the Australian Lace Guild holds the annual Conference and AGM in Sydney.

Not being able to attend this year after having such a wonderful learning experience last year made me determined to at least spend the week making lace so I have ignored the world and this is the results of 3 days work LOL

Lesson 1-3 using Perle 16 thread

Lesson 1-3 are from the DVD Buckinghamshire Point Lace with Bridget M Cook

Sample using Finca 100 thread and Perle 5 gimp

The sample is from the book Tullgrundspitzen by Ruth Doepfner-Wettstein

Click to see the sample in more detail

'Real' lace

It has been a few days so here is the first piece of 'real' lace. The first 5 repeats use a Perle 5 gimp and the next 4 repeats are using a finer gimp.

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