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July 2008

Here it is mid year and life has been too busy for me to update this site. I have been making lace however, and my demo piece is now 155 cm in length. The longest piece I have made and still going.

Designed by Jo Edkin This zigzag pattern is the same pattern I did in lavender and white way back in June 2005. This time around it is in lemon Finca thread and is over 250cm in length. (NB: I cut if off at 3 metres but will do it again next market season as it is such a good demo piece)

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My other pieces are a length designed by Pat Milne of Australia who does some wonderful designs using narrow trails and has been printed in the Australian Lace magazine put out by the Australian Lace Guild. This piece is also growing and as it has cane ground in it, it is a challenge to me to get the tension right but after 100cm I am starting to feel more confident.

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The latest piece is the lizard design by Clare Burkhard from her Kloppelspitzen mit Tieren folder of patterns. I found the toes a particular challenge and they got better by the time I got to do the last foot :-) The trick that worked for me was to do 12 twists in the pair, go around the pin and do the next stitch. I am not happy with feet so if you can offer suggestions on how to improve them, I would love to hear from you. My email address is

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I am currently working 6 day weeks so have not had a lot of time to make lace or attend lace events but surfing the net gives me a lace fix.


Work is slowing down now with new staff picking up some of the work I was doing it has meant I have been able to drop my hours back to closer to the 38 hr week I signed up for :-) At this rate I may even be able to clear the Time in lieu I have accrued the last four months working 6 day weeks.

I must admit I am looking forward to the wet season, thunderstorms, waterfalls and time off - what more could I ask for. lol


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