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2011 is working out to be a good lace year. I have sorted out the lace library and listed them on Calibre.

Moved house and therefore been forced to think about all the craft stuff I have on hand. Being so far from a craft shop has meant I have collected bits and pieces and now have a whole craft room!

I made a sampler in black guttermann quilting cotton and am please I did it but not pleased with how 'well' I did it.

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Then I moved on to a wider length in the same thread and have now got about 20cm (8 inches) of that done.

In the middle of all this I played with Excel to get it to calculate the percent I would need to set the photocopier at to change a pattern to suit my existing thread when the pattern calls for a different thread.

The book Threads for Lace Edition 5 by Brenda Paternoster (her website is here) is invaluable for this as it lists so may thread wpc !

Anyway, I though you might be able to use it too, so if you have the Microsoft program Excel then this download is for you.

Finally I had a go at making a 30cm (12 inch) lace insert for a cover cloth. the lace is made, now I just need to make to cover cloth.

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I have just started a cross stitch on aida cloth of a lenght of lace with too few bobbins that will be inserted into a cover cloth too. I will have such a wonderful selection of cover cloths - if I get my act together and do some sewing.


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