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June 2007

The last few months have been a bit hectic as I have returned to work while the tourist season is on. I work as a Tourist Officer at the Kununurra Visitor Centre, 6 days a week and the other day I spend at the local markets selling the wood pens my husband makes. Lace tends to fall onto the back burner until the wet season :-)

Having said that, I must now admit that the wedding garter I have been making for my sisters wedding in August has been finished. It is a wonderful feeling to have knowing that she will appreciate the hours of work that have gone into making it. See here for more details.

I did however have a go at adding beads to lace, I used seed beads and just threaded them onto the green weaver bobbin.

Last weekend we had a wonderful time, the Australian Lace Guild gave the Kununurra Lace Group a grant towards having a lace teacher come to Kununurra to teach us. We spent the three days with our heads down learning about "Starts and Finishes" in Torchon Lace. Not to mention all the other little snippets we scored as we plied Jenny with coffee and food.

We selected Jenny Rees and arranged the visit to fall during the dry season so that she could at least see a bit of the country while she was here. Not everything went to plan - especially the weather.

The following are photos of the display for the "Open House" day on Sunday.



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