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I can not believe it is November again! I have not updated the site anywhere near as often as my intentions :-) But I did think about it!

Craft wise, what have I done this year?
tatting - 2 dragons, assorted butterflies, flowers and short lengths

crochet - lilac shawl (1st prize in local Ag Show)

Cross stitch - biscornu

polymer clay - lizards and stuff to used old clay
flexible mold making - had lots of fun with this
paper making
torchon lace - G-string (1st prize)

, white cross - gave to a dear friend, Cecile in Dec 2009

, black/gold cross

teaching 2 pre-teens the basics
wood work - bobbin holders

My latest craze is tatting. I learnt the double stitch, rings and chains years ago from a book but once I found the wonderful Flying Minor Norwegian Dragons designed by Anne Bruvold I just had to learn more.

Now I have a basic understanding of SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Rings), from a great video on by Linda Davies.


Working in my starting thread and am the proud owner of two dragons I have made.

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