updated 31 Dec 2014  

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10 years of exchanges

This year will celebrate 10 years since the Card Exchange in 2004 was placed online.


Thank You

A special Thank You goes to the two ladies who organised this years lace card exchange! Janet from Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK and Sallie from Wyoming, USA

It must have been a massive task organising this with such diverse time zones (for example when it is 10:30pm Monday in Wyoming, 5:30am Tuesday in Bridlington and 1:30pm Tuesday here in Kununurra, Western Australia)

There are placeholder pictures where I am waiting for the scan to come through. If yours is one of the cards 'missing' please scan and send it to be added to the site.

Jenny Brandis, Kununurra, Western Australia

First picture in ...


Lin Hudren, USA

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