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CROCHET BAGS & Spongebob

by Jenny Brandis

Bordom is a wonderful thing!

While recovering from surgery in Dec 2008 I was confined to dark rooms, with sunglasses on so my lacemaking was put aside for old faithful, the crochet hook.

It did mean a trip to K-mart as I was 3000+ kms from home and my craft stash but - you know how that is.

Made it up as I went because I could not see to read, so this is what I came up with. BTW as I am Australian, I am using Australian terms eg: what I call Treble is called Double in America see here for converter.

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ch = Chain
tr = Treble crochet
sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
hdc = half treble

Using Black 8ply yarn I started with 23 ch
Row 1: tr into 3rd ch from hook, *tr to end* 3 tr in starting ch to turn, tr into each ch, ssl st into 3rd ch to close round (20 Treble per side)
Round 2-20: 3 ch, tr to end, sl st into 3rd ch

The handle is real easy, attach the yarn to the bag, ch 100 (or whatever length you want), attach to other side of bag, turn and dc back before finishing off

and here is a blured close up of the flowers

They are harder to explain,

started with 5 ch in pale pink, sl st into first ch,
Row 2: ch 3, *tr into ring, ch 2* repeated 6 times with sl st into 3 ch.(to give me a wheel with 8 spokes)
Row 3: 2 ch, 3tr, hdc into first spoke hole *hdc, 3tr, hdc* into each spoke hole, join with sl st into second ch, finish

Row 4: Hot pink
Join at back of work onto a spoke. *ch 5, sl st around next spoke* repeat *-* to end
Row 5: 2 ch, 5tr, hdc into first spoke hole *hdc, 5tr, hdc* into each loop, join with sl st into second ch, finish

chain 5, sl st into 1st ch.
ch 3, tr2, dc into ring, tr3, dc into ring, repeat 3 times (5 petals)

ch 8 turn
dc into 2nd ch from hook, hdc, tr4, hdc finish

That went down well with granddaughter #1 so daughter #1 wanted one for her camera next.

Got a bit carried away as it was only going to be 4 granny squares sewn together - but it sort of grew a life of its own LOL Next up is the photo of the flap area.

I can not give you a pattern here as I started with the granny square and with the black added the rest of the bag. I do not have the bag here to check how I did it but from memory I increased on two sides to square off the shape, then tr back and forth to make the pocket. Joined the two sides by sl st with 3 threads, continued to ch 100 for the handle, sl st down other side of bag. Made the tassle through the corner to anchor it and added a black fringe by hand

Now Grandson #2 wanted a bag too so for him I did this

His was easier as I made the same bag as the first one but where the scull is I used a green yarn, weaving the black through until I needed it again.

The top row is crab stitch

the bottom row is a basic shell (*5 tr into the same st, miss 2 st*, repeat to end)

The handle? you guessed it, using green and black threads but same size hook, sl st up the side of the bag (saves sewing), ch 75, sl st down the other side of the bag, finish

and then he wanted a coin holder so this is what ended up happening.

ch 10, turn
dc 10 rows
dc, decreasing at start of each row until 3 st left
ch 5 join, finish off
Sew on button and up both sides of coin holder


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January 2009

The first 3 bags in January are gone before I could take photos of them but the other 2 are here.

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The pattern is getting very familar - using 8 ply yarn and 4mm crochet hook ch 25
make pattern for about 20 rows
make handle

The patterns are from memory so if the rib is surposed to be every 3 stitches and I have done it every 2 - what the heck, it still looks good.

The arrow pattern I think may have another name and there are a few variations on it.

Spongebob has proved to be easier than I expected but as like all my crochet the last 6 weeks, it has been designed on the fly. See what you think .....

I am using a smaller 3.5mm hook to minimise the holes and the trusty 8 ply yarn. Note I am saying yarn rather than wool as the thread is nylon yarn.

Because of the bag above, I have run out of yellow yarn and being in Kununurra there is no local yarn shops to trot down to - so I am waiting for Australia Post to take a scrap of the yarn to my DD in Perth (3000km away) so she can go shopping and post some back. Should take about 2 weeks if all goes well.

In the meantime I will find something else to keep my fingers busy.



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