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August, September and October I have been working in the Kununurra Visitors Centre as a Tourist Officer in training. It has been great fun as I have always loved being able to rave about the beauty of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It does however, limit the time I have to do the other things I love - such as lace making.

In July I had started a wide edging with the intentions of it going across the King size sheet on my bed. Well, you know the old adage about good intentions? I stopped at two repeats.

My lace efforts have been sporatic at best but I have enjoyed it.

September 2006

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This little edging is my version of Jo Edkins grey piece at I have found Jo's Lace School website draws me back over and over again.

Stitches I used are spider, cloth stitch and single twisted footside using just 15 pairs of bobbins. The threads are Gutermann Quilting thread and some silk thread I wont buy again. I was very disapointed to find that the small hanks I bought had been dyed in the hank - thus leaving a white section where the thread was tied off.

(c)2006 Jenny Brandis


Here is my very first successful effort at designing torchon lace. I used Lace 2000 as my 'graph paper'. This sample was made with Presencia Finca size 30 thread on a 10:1 inch diagonal grid. The stitches used are small crown fan, 4 pin block with eye, 5 pin simple spider and torchon ground.

October 2006

(c) 2006 Jenny Brandis

On a roll here, the next one I designed using Lace 2000 is a woven heart based on the paper folded decorations of Europe. This sample is done in Gutermann Quiliting Cotton. Stitches used are torchon ground, spiders and a cloth stitch and twist fan.

I can see I need to improve in it as the slit is too short and causes a bit of a gather. This is corrected on the pattern now but I have not as yet found time to test that version.



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