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8 July 2018
Today has seen me glued to the laptop while trying to get Jenny Brandis Handcrafts website into some semblence of order. Everything else has been ..... less attended.

Tea tonight is going to be a stew, yes, I am actually making it from scratch and for those who know me, you will appreciate the HUGE thing this is.

What is in this stew? Well, the base is a chicken stock I made and froze after eating the meat off the bones. Then there is 3 potatoes, 4 carrots, 1 onion, 1 clove garlic, some pumpkin and the cubed ham. Crock pot on high for a few hours and have now added brocalie and mushrooms before turning the pot down to low. Will stew it for a couple more hours and (hopefully) have an enjoyable meal.

Ok, enough procrastinating - time to get back to resorting the website. I sure hope people appreciate and like the new look and navigation list. Removed a lot of files that have not been well accessed so (please, pretty please) let me not have 404 errors all over the place.

7 July 2018
The computer has been running hot as I have been making PDF files of several of my lace designs. Every time I do this I think, there must be an easier way. So now I am using InDesign more effectively and have saved notes and pictures in their own library that I can access in later documents.

It's a bit slower but I feel it will make life easier as the library fills out. Right now I have saved things like: Windmill crossing: Half Stitch Fan and French fan.

Added a new wirelace pattern to the etsy store JennyBrandisLace along with the notes/instructions on basic wirelace.


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