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This picture is of the lace display at the 2007 Kununurra Ag Show, held on July 13 and 14. If you click on it, you will see a larger version in its own window. Please not the two pieces at the bottom right! These were later judged for the beginner class and the pink recieved first prize! Congratulations to Ros Thornton of Kununurra who recieved a bone bobbin as her prize.


I do apologise for the photos - I forgot to take my camera and needed to get someone else to take photos. I also forgot to explain about the need to see clearly each piece :-)

More photos

Demonstration of lace

The Kununurra Lace Group was invited to have a working demonstation of bobbin lace for the time the Pavilion was open to the general public.

I attended the Saturday afternoon and it was a wonderful success in drawing attention to lace making in general and bobbin lace making in particular.

The piece I was working on was a mustard linen thread that did not like the dull lighting - I did however get about 5 inches done and spoke to lots of folks - got a bit repetative with the

  • You only use four bobbins at any one time, the wider the piece the more bobbins you use (speaking about a torchon strip of lace)
  • there are only two stitches - just like knitting - its how you arrange those stitches that gives you the different look
  • I am working on the equivelent to stocking stitch (cloth stitch trail) - that is more Aran (pointing to the bedfordshire)
  • no I do not have patience



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