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Proficiency Folio

Proficencies 016

ITEM #16  
Description: Corner piece
Source: Torchon Lace for Today by Jennifer Fisher page 26
Thread: Unknown linen - khaki - 23wpc
Bobbin#: 13 pairs (26)
Stitches: fishtail fans with corner, cloth stitch blocks, torchon ground and torchon footside.
I like the look of the crisp inner corner made by adding that extra pin.

Proficencies 017

ITEM #17  
Description: trail insertion
Source: Own design - 1/10 inch diagonal
Thread: Gutermann Quilting Cotton - white - 28wpc
Bobbin#: 16 pairs (32)
Stitches: cloth stitch trails, torchon ground, torchon footside and horizontal divisions.


ITEM #18  
Description: edging with corner
Source: Guild pool sample
Thread: DMC Special Dentelle 80 - ecru - 30wpc
Stitches: half stitch fan with spoke edging, roseground, cloth stitch chevron, torchon ground and footside.
  As this pattern may be used again by the Guild I have not included it here. The challenge was duplicating the same size grid and thread.

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