International Torchon Lace Design Competition

Judging now complete

Our wonderful judges have deliberated and considered each entry, their results have been collated and the administrator is in the process of notifying the entrants of their results.

We thank every entrant for making this competition such a success.

The winners and recipients of the prizes are

Section One – Deb Black



Section Two - Kaisa Salo

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, and ask that your consider supporting them as they support the lace making community.

I personally would like to thank the two wonderful ladies and who have provided translations into French and Spanish at odd hours. Google Translate isn't quite ready for lace makers :-)

Entries are now closed

Thank you to all who have made the effort and entered the International Torchon Lace Design Competition, you will have received (or will within the next 24 hours) recieved an email confirming your entry.

The next step is for the three international judges to examine the entries before the winning entrants are notified.


FAQ's now added ....

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for the inaugural International Torchon Lace Design Competion. English | French | Spanish

It has begun ....

As more and more people come to bobbin lace making there are many who are starting to explore doing their own designing. Because torchon lace is the most taught to beginners, it is this style chosen for the inaugural International Torchon Lace Design Competion.


One explanation needs to be clear, it is a competition that is for the DESIGN of the piece, worked samples are for clarification purposes. The quality of the completion, colour etc of any sample will not be counted towards the final judging. It is the DESIGN that is being judged. In fact, a sample does not have to be included.

This is an electronic competition – in other words you email photos/scans of the design, you do not post anything.

Entry Details and Rules


For the first time entrant who is just starting to explore design – hand drawn
Design a piece of torchon minimum size – 13cm long x 3 cm wide     


Open to all torchon designers – hand or computer drawn
Design a piece of torchon – minimum size – 13cm long x 3cm wide

Prizes to be

“Pattern Design for Torchon Lace” CD by Jane Atkinson valued at US$18.00,
12 months subscription to Bolilleras Magazine valued at €30-60
Licenced copy of Lace 8 software by Ilsoft Ltd valued at £129.98

RULES – there are always rules LOL

  1. All entries to be emailed to the administrator, Jenny Brandis by Midnight of Monday August 30 2016 Western Australian Time (+8:00 GMT)
  2. It must be your own design – if you collaborate you MUST acknowledge all parties
  3. A maximum of 5 entries per person – please select the most appropriate section to your level of experience
  4. Provide your entry in one of the following formats: jpg, png, lc6, lc7, lc8  with your © details to the side (so it can be hidden during judging)
  5. Judging will be by a  panel of 3 judges, their scores and comments will be collated prior to announcement of winners
  6. No competition related communication to be held between entrant and judges
  7. Hand drawn means the pattern is drawn by hand onto paper/card
  8. Computer drawn means the pattern is drawn using computer software.
  9. Footside passives to be drawn in
  10. Please draw in working lines for minimum of a full repeat
  11. List stitches recommended to the best of your ability (we acknowledge that stitch names vary)
  12. In the event of using a new or unusual stitch, please provide details to assist judging
  13. Coloured working diagrams are not required but may assist in identifying stitches used
  14. Worked samples are not required but may assist in identifying stitches used
  15. Circular must be a full circle to prove joining of pattern
  16. # pairs required to be included
  17. When a new pair is added within your pattern, Mark as O on your pattern
  18. When a pair is removed within your pattern, Mark as X on your pattern
  19. Announcement of the winners will be via email to the prize sponsors and winners with the official announcement being on the website
  20. Copyright of the work remains that of the designer


Please print out these rules
By submitting an entry into the International Torchon Design Challenge the designer acknowledge that the organisers will respect copyright
By submitting an entry the designer acknowledge that their entry/ies will be incorporated into the judging PDFs (with copyright not visible for judging purposes) and in the event of being a section winner, their entry will be available for long term viewing (with copyright visible) as a picture in the photos section of the website.

The designer retain the copyright on their original design and by entering do not waive their ownership rights.