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Links to sites that have
free lace patterns

This is by no means the full listings, just some sites I have found as I wander around the internet.

The fan has the pattern (brief)

12 patterns dating from 1866-1913

LOKK site
Check out the "Gratis Patroon" for their latest free pattern
Their Archive has an extensive selection of free patterns - don't forget to click on "Home" to go the LOKK homepage.

50Mb book! Catálogo de encaixe with over 100 patterns

Jo Edkins has a wonderful set of torchon patterns on her site, just begging to be made.

Allow plenty of time to download from this site as there is a wealth of patterns here. Originally known as the Professors site

The English Lace Guild has a "Young Lacemakers" section that holds several patterns. Don't forget to also check out the feature articles in the "Lace Magazine"

Not sure this has patterns for lace but there is filet crochet and other needle work on Antique Pattern Library

index to the Aracne Lace Groups patterns from their exchanges

downloads from this site

Thats it for now, I will try to add to this list as time and surfing allows.


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