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Handmade by: Sue Hottle, USA

Sent to: Sallie Owenby, USA


The pattern for this balsam pillow is in "Felt Wee Folk" by Sally Mavor, ISBN 1571201939. The book may be found in many libraries or by interlibrary loan. OCLC is 50623044.
Rudolphina is comprised of hand dyed felt embroidered with DMC perle #8, Wildflowers (Caron), Kreinik braid #4 & Cosmos Sparkles. She is further embellished with beads & buttons & filled with balsam fir tips from Maine. Her scarf is Scania Lace-- ljusgull (shining gold).

The lace pattern appears in "Skansk Knyppling, The Freehand Lace of Southeast Sweden" prepared by Marji Suhm for the Lace Museum, September 2003. The pattern for "ljusgull" has been reproduced HERE with the kind permission of Ms. Marji Suhm & the Lace Museum for the purpose of the Arachne holiday exchange.

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