Jenny Brandis' Handcrafts

Looking for Genealogy - the armchair hobby? - It is still here but as genealogy is not my most consuming passion now - it has been relegated to the back of the site.

Here you will find craft related entries - I am a bit of a craft butterfly in that I flit from one craft to another.

The crafts include

  • Torchon lace made by hand
  • crochet
  • knitting
  • spinning
  • others as the mood takes me - polymer clay, machine sewing, hand sewing, papermaking, fabric painting, candle making, beading ....

Two years ago I began teaching two preteens how to make bobbin lace and from there the 'lessons' have expanded out to include the above crafts with the number of 'students' reaching 9 before I had to stop more coming.

This week we are working on calico bags, one side to be fabric paint the other to be applique - what a wonderful selection of images are being incorporated. You can not pick which one I did - the girls are all just as good!

Take a look around the site and help yourself to the downloads and tutorials.


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